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Delivering business insight

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Today's consumer is firmly in charge, expecting a world where they can shop where and how they want. We now increasingly expect the physical experience to be more like online: easy, convenient and personalised. Retailers are now racing to catch up, by using digital technology to create a much more compelling, immersive and enjoyable shopping experience and introduce new ways of working to transform it.

At Acuitas Digital, our integrated, cloud-based solution transforms the online and real shopping experience for today's digital-savvy shoppers. It allows retailers to better understand customer behaviour and optimise their business operations for the digital age – accelerating the commercial benefits of big data and the Internet of Things.

Our solution combines networking, hardware, software, analytics, cloud services and security from global companies, each leaders in their field. It encourages digital adoption in store, bringing instore and back office together seamlessly.

It provides actionable insight to help your business create a great customer experience, cut waste, optimise supply-chain efficiencies, improve employee performance and better manage compliance requirements.

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Benefits at a glance:

Improve sales & profitability

Improve sales & profitability

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience

Improved sales associate experience

Improved sales associate experience

Secure the retail platform

Secure the retail platform

Analytics to drive sales

Drive Inventory Efficiencies

Better insights and task generation through analytics

Better insights and task generation through analytics

Who we are:

Acuitas Digital: retail  technology innovation

We are a group of global technology leaders joining forces to change the game. Today, no one, neither retailer nor vendor, can do it all alone. We combine strong knowhow, experience and commitment to make it work for you. Our vision is to deliver a better way for retailers to take advantage of technology innovation, making possible a seamless integration of the online and real life worlds.

Latest news:

Alliance members and technology providers:


BT delivers managed networking, cloud and integration services allowing customers to have unlimited choice into every store and a seamless experience whilst empowering employees to work smarter and better serve customers. BT website >


Intel® IoT Platform Solution plus end-to-end analytics enables inventory accuracy to support omni-channel solutions in retail. A key component of this solution is the Intel® IoT Retail Gateway. It makes it easier to turn edge data into real value, delivering a personalised retail experience based on Internet of Things solutions and RFID readers which have the ability to provide near 100% inventory visibility. Intel website >

Nexgen Packaging

NexGen re-defines the label and tag business. Attached to goods, the tags enable communication between merchandise, data, applications and consumer. NexGen tags are used to locate an item and track its movement in the store, as well provide access to additional product information in the cloud. Tags are also used for traditional merchandise branding and customer information. NexGen Packaging website >

comprehensive in store anlaytics

RetailNext is the market leader in big data solutions for brick-and-mortar challenges. Its patented technology delivers comprehensive, real-time analytics that empowers worldwide retailers to collect, analyse, and visualise in-store data. Being able to see what items are taken from shelves, tried on in the fitting room, purchased or abandoned by customers give retailers a whole new level of actionable insight into inventory and shopper behaviour. RetailNext website >

connectiong people and goods

SATO Global Solutions develops custom solutions that empower your business by connecting people, goods, and information. It helps you manage and streamline your operations by turning your data into meaningful and actionable information to help you decrease costs, increase revenue, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. SATO Global solutions website >

Valmarc brand protection

Valmarc Total Vision™ is being used for brand protection and beyond by several of the industry’s largest footwear and apparel brands.  Valmarc’s breakthrough digital interactive serialization platform uses all the new digital touchpoint technologies including barcode, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons to create a universal solution for product authentication, track & trace, marketing and multichannel digital consumer engagement.

Valmarc Total Vision uses crowd sourcing, cloud computing and big data analysis to detect
and suppress counterfeiting and grey market diversion and more, all to the benefit of product brands, retailers and consumers.

  Valmarc Total Vision website >