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Delivering world-class managed networking, cloud and integration services, BT understand the challenges of rolling out new technology across a global business. As an example of innovative in-store sensory and data analytics technology, BT created the Alexander Black concept store to show how digital retail can make shopping more efficient and more experiential.

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Intel are experts in end-to-end analytics. Their Retail Gateway technology uses in-store analytics and the Internet of Things to deliver complete visibility and control of store inventory, as well as insights into customer behaviour. At Levi Strauss & Company, their technology led to floor plan redesign as a result of a better understanding of the activity that leads to purchase.

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NexGen are specialists in smart labels and tags. NextGen's tags contain RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology, which means they can be used to locate an item and track its movement in store. They'll help you to create the communication network between merchandise, data, applications and customers, and provide additional product information in the cloud.

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RetailNext like to get under the skin of stores: from cool T-shirt sellers in San Francisco to huge department stores in New York. They're the market leader in Big data solutions for traditional retail challenges. Their patented technology provides comprehensive, real-time analytics to help you collect and visualise store data, letting you see and better understand customer and staff behaviour.

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Sato Global Solutions

SATO Global Solutions lead the way in collating shared data from 'siloed' systems. Their digital store platform is tailored with intelligence specifically relevant to the retail industry. They connect all data from your key store systems, and from mobile devices and smart fitting rooms, and help you to manage and streamline it to make your operations more efficient.

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Valmarc Corporation

Valmarc are specialists in brand protection and logistics. They use the latest digital touchpoint technologies to create universal solutions. Their Valmarc Total Vision™ system is being used by several of the industry's largest footwear and apparel brands for product authentication, to reduce counterfeiting and give quality assurance to both stockist and shopper.